Otunba (Dr.)

Olawanle Akinboboye

Lagos Nigeria

I firmly believed and still believe that action is required if we want to benefit our continent and humanity as a whole.

The second largest continent in the world should not be the poorest .The current status of Africa is attributable to the failure of its people to utilize the riches of the continent for the good of all.

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Profile - About Me

Olawanle Akinboboye
  • Olawanle Akinboboye
  • August 16th, 1958
  • info@wanleakinboboye.org
  • www.wanleakinboboye.org

Otunba (Dr.) Olawanle Akinboboye was born on August 16th ,1958 in Ondo state, Nigeria. He grew up in the ancient town of Ondo under strict supervision of his disciplinarian parents and grandmother who instilled in him values of hardwork ,selfesteem ,patriotism and unweaving pride in his culture . He began his educational pursuit from St. Josephs College Ondo and a diploma certificate in Mechanical Engineering from the Kaduna State Polytechnic in Nigeria.

Afterwards, he jetted out of the country at exactly 16 years old to the United States of America where he studied Business Administration & Security Operations at Bowie state university in 199… as first degree , a master degree in Hospitality Management from the Florida International University, USA in 1989 capping it up with. Doctorate in Arts from the European American University, USA in 19…

During his stay in the United states of America, he attended various training programs and gained practical experiences that spanned across security, construction, tourism, hospitality management and entertainment. Dr. Wanle Akinboboye has passion for Africa, he believes firmly that African culture, art, music and cuisine can bring prosperity to the continent if harnessed.

He has a vision for developing Africa through tourism, security and entertainment. To drive this vision, he founded the continent building initiative made of Africans as well as friends of Africa in the continent and in Diaspora

The continent building initiative has provided employment to thousands of Africans through tourism, security and entertainment.
I believe strongly that:
‘’ It is not the wealth you leave for your children you worry about; it is the kind of society.’’ ‘The Platform we stand on today was created by Yesterday’s people, the platform for tomorrow’s people must be built by us—today’s people’.

• Only a failure blame others for their failures
• The seeds that eventually grow are those that were planted
• Nobody can enslave you if you do not enslave yourself
• The greatest waste in life …the joy and happiness you deny yourself when
you are alive…life is for the living, live it before you leave it
• It is not what people say or do in your presence you worry about, it is what they say or do behind you
• Be more weary of weapons of mass distraction than weapons of mass destruction…choose your friends wisely
• If you don’t take control of your life…life will take control of you
• If something does not occur to you,it might be right under your nose and you will not smell it
• When you tell people you are taller than you are,you open yourself to ridicle
• In life the real things that count the most cannot be counted
• If the going is easy…you are probably going downhill
• The Only people that make progress in life are those that can deal with difficult people/situations
• What truly belongs to you?? YOU and only when you are alive
• Show me what you have done before you tell me what to do
• Africa as a continent will fail if Africans fail to discover Africa
• Success is hard…. Succession plan is harder
• True friends are those that run in when everybody runs out
• If you think you can or you think you cannot, you are absolutely right
• Success is usually packaged in CANs and failures in CANTs
• Let everybody worry about your mistakes you just learn from them
• The only meaningful life is life spent in service of others
• My we not be in a position where we have to teach people that don’t know and don’t know that they do not know
• Pain is a confirmation of life only the living feel it
• The more failures you experience, the more lively that you will succeed in life
• There is definitely a lesson to learn when you fail to learn
• Human needs are unlimited ,means of satisfying these needs are limited so needs must not become greed because needs can be met to a reasonable extent but greed can never be fulfilled
• What you have and don’t use is what limits you not what you don’t hace
• Risk has two options only… win or fail… You win,you lead OR you fail,you teach
• There is a reason why you were born… the reason is born deep inside of you like pregnancy pregnancy can be so unconfortable Until you born that reason You will remain uncomfortable So get comfortable

My Vision

The Basis of My Vision

By the time I was 25 years old I had come to the conclusion that Africans talked a lot but very rarely did their talk translate into concrete action . I firmly believed and still believe that action is required if we want to benefit our continent and humanity as a whole. The second largest continent in the world should not be the poorest .The current status of Africa is attributable to the failure of its people to utilize the riches of the continent for the good of all.

During colonialism there was a concerted effort by the colonial masters to remove from Africans any sense of pride in their continent’s culture and heritage. It is the lack of pride in our culture and the adoption of foreign cultures that have led to many of the problems we face today as Africans. Our habit of adopting foreign cultures in preference to the culture of our birth has stagnated the development of what I will refer to as our “ birth “ culture. The fact that our birth culture has not continued to evolve with the times has led to the belief that the African culture is primitive which in turn has led to the exodus from the culture by its people . It took a concerted effort by our colonial masters to remove the sense of pride in our culture and consequently it will require a concerted effort to reinstate such pride. If Africans are able to harness the resources in their continent, this will be of advantage not only to the continent but also to the world as a whole. It is time to implement Plan B as a world in which one section of the world massively acquires the resources of another section has to change.

I realized that there was a need to establish a platform for the world to patronize Africa .However in looking at how to develop the continent I came to the conclusion that we need to work from the bottom up - we could not continue to rely solely on government to drive development In this regard and after careful consideration I came to the conclusion that there were three areas on which I needed to focus:

• Before one can hope to achieve anything in Africa there is a need to deal with the perception that Africa is a dangerous and unsafe continent which meant the primary priority had to be SECURITY

• The realization that Africa’s unique flora, fauna and culture could be packaged to present a unique TOURISM package that could be used to grow the African continent with minimum financial outlay.

• Considering the influence that Africa and people of African descent had on music and dance it seemed only natural that Africa was uniquely placed in the ENTERTAINMENT world

Awards - Awards & Commendations

  • Creative Personality of the Year2019
    Most creative and resilient Tourism personality of the year

    Body: Institute of tourism professionals

  • Tourism Man Of The Year .2015
    Tourism Man Of The Year

    Body: Africa travels award

  • Individual Merit Award 2003
    Individual Merit Award presented by Travelers Magazine

    Body: Travelers Magazine

  • Patriotic Man Of Integrity 2002
    Patriotic Man Of Integrity awarded by The Royal Achievers International Media Network

    Body: The Royal Achievers International Media Network

  • Tourism Hall Of Fame Award for contribution towards the development of Tourism, Hospitality and Culture in Nigeria.
    Tourism Hall Of Fame Award for contribution towards the development of Tourism, Hospitality and Culture in Nigeria.


  • Keys To The City Of Glenarden April 2001
    Keys To The City Of Glenarden , Maryland, USA by the Mayor of Gleneden 16

    Body:Gleneden Maryland, USA

  • Keys To The City Of District Heights April 2001
    Keys To The City Of District Heights , Maryland ,USA by the Mayor of District Heights and president of World Conference of Mayors inc.

    Body: City Of District Heights , Maryland ,USA

  • Keys To The City Of Maimi April 2001
    o Keys To The City Of Maimi, USA by the Mayor of Miami-

    Body: City of Miami USA

  • Keys To The Seat Pleasant April 2001
    Keys To The Seat Pleasant, Maryland, USA-

    Body: Seat Pleasant, Maryland, USA

  • Official Citation Of Dr. AkinboboyeMarch,2008
    Official Citation Of Dr. Akinboboye’s Diverse Accomplishments As A Business Man:

    Body: Maryland General Assembly, USA (Signed by Senator Hlysses Currie)

  • An advisor on the boardJanuary, 2018
    Arab African Economic Development Initiative
  • Executive Chief consultant/Adviser on Tourism to His Imperial Majesty, the Ooni of Ife. December,2015
    The Ooni of Ife.
  • Chairman, African Union Culture, Education and Entertainment Committee. () – March, 2015
  • Appointed as the Senior Special Adviser to Ondo state Governor on tourism.April, 2014
    Ondo State Goverment
  • Appointed Antigua & Barbuda's Consular Attaché for Tourism & Business Development in Nigeria1st April, 2011
  • Appointed twice as Tourism Ambassador for the continent of Africa by the World Conference of Mayors, Inc.14th May, 2011
    World Conference of Mayors, Inc
  • Co-Chair of the Distinguished Corporate Roundtable of the World Conference of Mayors, Inc.- 2011
    World Conference of Mayors, Inc.
  • Co-Producer At The International Women's Day at UNESCO's Headquarters, Paris. 8th March, 2006
    UNESCO's Paris
  • Co-Producer At The Melody For Dialogue Among Civilizations Association Conference, Abuja 23rd June, 2006
    Civilizations Association Conference
  • Co-Producer At The International Women's Day at UNESCO's Headquarters, Paris. 8th March, 2006
    UNESCO's Paris
  • Co-Producer At The 60th Anniversary Celebration Of Unesco, Paris.16th November, 2005
    Unesco, Paris
  • Artistic Director For Leon H. Sullivan Summit (organized by Andrew Young and Sullivan Foundation), Abuja: July 14, 2003
    Sullivan Summit

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The Continent Initiatives

• I believe that one could not rely solely on government to provide security and that the private sector has a role to play in ensuring the security of every state.
• I was however aware that the then perception of private security was negative one driven by the view that security guards were people of little intelligence who worked in the sector because they had no other option.
• I decided to change this perception by establishing a private security firm in 1989, Corporate Guards Limited (www.corporateguardsng.com) which is focused on attracting and retaining persons that are well educated
• A career path was developed for our personnel that ended with the possibility of them establishing their own security firms on a franchise basis.
• I am tremendously proud of the fact that many of my ideas have been adopted by indigenous security companies in my country where previously security companies recruited their staff from those with little or no education, at minimal wages , increasingly work in security firms is now restricted to persons who have graduated from universities and polytechnics.

• As individuals throughout the world are exposed to increasingly varied experiences it becomes increasingly important to leverage off those experiences that are peculiar to the continent and which do not merely replicate experiences from other continents.
• It was with this in mind that in 1984, I started the first ever African themed resort, La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort which is located in Lagos State,Nigeria. The resort (www.lacampagnetropicana.com) is focused on presenting African hospitality and culture in a cosmopolitan manner.It boasts of a clean beach, lagoon and mangrove forest that provide visitors with the opportunity to observe, at close quarters, a wide variety of tropical Flora and fauna. The Resort , primarily as result of its reputation for creating African experiences that remain indelible in the minds of tourists, is expanding rapidly and is now establishing branches in Refuge Island, Lagos, Koton - kafe , Kogi State(45 minutes drive from Abuja) , Nigeria and is in the process of establishing a presence in Nejashi, Ethiopia and 18 Locations in Cote d’ivoire including Grand Bassam and Adiake La Campagne Tropicana beach resort because it is weaved around the African culture has brought tremendous economic benefits to its host communities and to Nigeria by extension through.
• the provision of jobs that can be efficiently carried out by the individuals in these non urban communities as the resort is weaved around their culture.
• Boosting viable commerce in the community to the mat weavers and craftsmen through the introduction of talking drum as door bells and mats as ceiling.
• Exposed the host rural community as a new business frontier as tourists to the resort discovered investment opportunities in the region.

LA CAMPAGNE TROPICANA BEACH RESORT.(www.lacampagnetropicana.com)
The Resort founded in 1984 located in Lagos, Nigeria is the first ever African-themed Resort. It was designed to present African culture in a cosmopolitan manner. The Resort is spread over 65 acres of land and is bounded by a mangrove forest, fresh water lagoon and a clean sandy beach. The resort which is a franchise is expanding to Cote d’ivoire, Ethiopia and Turkey.

Africans spend Billions of Dollars annually to travel to every part of the world except Africa.
The aim of creating these destinations is to encourage Africans within the continent and in the Diaspora to look inwards to the destinations in their continent and patronize Africa thereby contributing to Africa’s economy.
Dr Akinboboye is creating awareness to 4 distinct destinations in East and West Africa.

1. Akosombo Ghana:
2. Grand Bassam, Cote d’ivoire
3. Ouidah, Benin Republic
4. Al Nejashi/Lalibela in Ethiopia

Kamp Afrika is a camp for children of African descent as well as lovers of Africa where basic African culture and values together with arts, crafts, cuisine, music and dance are taught in a fun-filled manner.

DNERGP is designed to offer Nigerians, lovers of Nigeria in Diaspora and their friends a template to contribute their own quota of resuscitating the economy by holidaying and /investing in Nigeria.

1. MOTHERLAND BECKNOS: (www.motherlandbeckons.com) Motherland Beckons is a movement, portal and spiritual calling for people of African descent and lovers of Africa to be part of the African experience through travelling and to directly impact on the economy of the continent.

This is a platform for Africans in the Diaspora to invest in the continent. Motherland Investment LTD has two activations:

a. BUSINESS BRIDGE: grows small businesses by building a bridge between investors in the Diaspora and Africans in the continent. b. Africa Turkey Trade Center –ATTC (www.attc.web): ATTC’s goal is to connect Turkey with the entire continent of Africa and also to create a platform in Turkey where the whole world can come to trade and exchange cultures with Africa .ATTC was birthed from the agreement between Mother land beckons and MUSIAD {MUSIAD is a business organization with over 50,000 members, 11,000 corporations and branches in 175 locations worldwide}. ATTC with headquarters in Turkey has offices Nigeria, Ghana, Cote D’ivoire and Tanzania.

I decided to focus on the revival of African music, dance and fashion, which I realized had become unpopular with the inhabitants of my continent and to present it in a cosmopolitan manner that made it acceptable to all. It is with this in mind that I founded Atunda Entertainment (atunda.tv) in 2005.

Atunda Entertainment’s focus is to present and reposition African culture, art, music and fashion in a more sophisticated and cosmopolitan format with a view to enhancing its appreciation by an audience that has been exposed to various cultures, while retaining its original African roots and repertoire. A platform for developing young musical talents whose focus is on presenting Africa and whose skills are groomed and honed to the sophisticated level required by international audiences .

• Since inception, it has been involved in the development of renowned musical stars in Nigeria,London,Togo,Coted’ivoire and Benin Republic I felt that it was important to create entertainment events that would attract Africans in the Diaspora to the continent and enhance their understanding of their Motherland . With this in mind I created MARE FESTIVAL in 2009 and Africa International music festival in 2016:

DESTINATION EVENTS MARE festival is an annual mountain climbing festival which takes place in Ondo State in the South West Nigeria . The festival which features mountain climbing, marathons, hiking , music, dance, a beauty pageant and an African styled carnival leverages of the natural beauty of the Idanre hills; a tourist destination

Africa International music festival (AIM FESTIVAL).
The biggest content in Africa is music, to discover this, the world has to travel to each of the 55 African countries, the logistics of such travel given Africa’s deficiency and infrastructure will make it almost impossible. AIM festival focuses on presenting Africa’s culture, music, dance, art and cuisine to the world. The annual festival which holds in December and in its 2nd Year features five (5) musicians and various other entertainers, whose musical sounds, art and dance represent and showcase the entertainment of 54 African countries.

 AIM festival provides an opportunity for African music lovers, music producers, content researchers, TV production companies to explore the best of music from all 54 African countries in one venue!

• I have always taken the view that Africans in the Diaspora should come to Motherland to invest and assist in growing the continent. By looking at the Jewish experience in relation to Israel, I realized the value that could be realized when a country or continent was in a position to obtain financial and other assistance from its people in the diasporas. It therefore became important to have a clarion call that would encourage Africans in the Diaspora and lovers of Africa to interact with the continent and assist in its development.

• I therefore decided to create a platform,Motherland Beckons (www.motherland beckons.com) that would encourage our brothers (and sisters ) in the Diaspora to get to know and experience their roots through travel to the Motherland .
• I also created Motherland investments ltd for Africans interested in investing on the continent
• Motherland Investment LTD has two activations:

• As the name implies is a bridge that helps create investment opportunities for Africans in Diaspora, small businesses are established / grown by building a business bridge between investors in the Diaspora and Africans in the continent.

• AFRICA TURKEY TRADE CENTER (ATTC) is a platform founded in partnership with MUSIAD to enhance investment/trade relations with Africa by connecting Turkey with the entire continent of Africa and also to create an avenue in Turkey where the whole world can trade, invest and exchange cultures with Africa. In other words, those who think Africa is too far can connect Africa in Konya, Turkey.

In the midst of all my dreams for the continent I also realized that as an African and a Nigerian, I could never hope to develop my continent without exploring means of developing my homeland and placing my ideas on a firm footing in Nigeria Nigeria with its myriad of challenges and dependency on a dwindling natural resource – oil , is a country that requires development in the area of its peoples’ thoughts and it was with this in mind that I tabled before my government two ambitious programs.

1. Diaspora Nigeria Economic Rebirth and Growth Plan (DNERGP)
2. Hope Unity Rebirth and Prosperity (HURP)

 Diaspora Nigeria Economic Recovery and Growth Plan (DNERGP) is a tourism initiative designed to offer Nigerians, lovers of Nigeria in Diaspora and their friends a template to contribute their own quota of resuscitating the economy by holidaying and /investing in Nigeria.

 DNERGP offers investment opportunities in holiday homes or in franchise of the exquisite La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort. Leveraging on our partnership with MUSIAD (one of the world’s largest business organization with over 55,000 members, 11,000 corporations spread over 175 locations worldwide) opportunities also exist in business partnership, franchise ownership and distributorship of products from over 11,000 companies on the MUSIAD platform.

 HURP which is an acronym for Hope, Unity, Rebirth and Prosperity is a creation of Motherland Beckons in conjunction with the Federal Ministry of Tourism, Culture and National Orientation, and the Federal Government of Nigeria by extension to chart a path for the Nigerian nation. HURP was formed out of need to create awareness of issues causing our problems in Nigeria and ways to seek to address them.

 The HURP project involves about 25 major activations across the length and breadth of the country and in the Diaspora and has the potential to create a humungous and positive spiraling effect on individuals, private sector and economy of the nation.

• I hope that my presentation has provided some understanding of the concepts that have driven the efforts I have made to date in relation to the development of the African continent.

• I also hope that it has sparked within you a desire to walk alongside me in developing Africa.

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